Tanzania Camping Tours

Tanzania Camping Tours

The Tanzania camping tours are some of the popular tours among budget travellers. We have a variety of camping tours packages. Almost every National park has public and private camp sites where tourists can go for camping. Most of the camping sites are fully developed with some of the running water, toilets and showers as well as nearby places where you can go and buy the best meals.  We rent our clients with some of the camping equipment such as camping tents, mosquito nets, mosquito repellants, torches, and many more necessities.

It is fun to go for a camping tour. This is the best way to cheaply visit Tanzania and have a wonderful game viewing adventure.

We have a team of tour guides who shall take you to most of the national parks for an adventurous wildlife experience. All our tour guides are certified and they have been to most of the National Parks several times, you will surely learn a lot from their experience.

We have extraordinary 4×4 safari cars that transport our clients to their final destinations. Our cars have the best amenities for an adventurous game drive- each car is equipped with an Ac, charging system, and a cooler or fridge. These items are essential during the game drives. For example, the charging system is used to enable our clients charge their phones, cameras, camcorders and other gadgets.

All our camping tours can be adjusted according to the needs of our clients. Should you want to extend the safari for more days, visit another destination or simply removed some of the activities within your tour, we shall do the necessary effort to fulfill your desires.

Tanzania wildlife safaris are some of the best wildlife experiences in Africa. During the visit to Tanzania, it is possible to witness the African big 5- lions, elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, and leopards. Other wildlife species to expect include the wildebeest, crocodile, cheetah, hyena, serval, caracal, warthog, African wild cat, African wild dog, zebra, giraffe, hartebeest, eland, Topi, gazelle, baboon, monkeys and many more.

Come to Tanzania for a wildlife adventure. Choose among some of the camping packages:


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